Introductions on websites are way too formal and sounds like a rehash of LinkedIn profiles. Let's try something different—we will introduce each other.

Meet Davey

Written by Crystal

Davey is a Southern California native who brought his sunny personality up to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend Stanford, where he studied electrical engineering and economics. We met through a mutual friend's introduction when I was a college freshman and he was a recent alum with a photography business. Funnily enough, we had both lived in the same dorm, Trancos, but a few years apart.

Walking over to meet Davey, I assumed I was connecting with a photographer just to discuss logistics for a modeling project. But within five minutes of chatting, I felt we were already old friends. He had a distinctive, infectious laugh that made any giggling about the initial topic devolve into laughing about laughing. We talked about Vietnamese food, college football, and how to get the most of my remaining three years of undergrad.

There is no other person on earth like Davey. He navigates the world with a razor-sharp commitment to make himself and others better, all while preserving a childlike appetite for wonder and fun. Encountering Davey means being disarmed by his wide smile and friendly demeanor, while also feeling the gravitas of being in the presence of a ruthless executor. All-or-nothing focus, efficiency, and passion marry everything he touches.

Davey's got a number of special habits that capture his personality in a nutshell. For instance, his local neighborhood baristas gladly line his drip coffee filter with cinnamon because it's the way Davey invented it; black with a spicy, cinnamon aroma. They, like many others, enjoy his visits because he’s easygoing, humble, and always stops to say hello. His adventurous experiment was a raving success, and is now an off-menu item which can be ordered by those "in the know."

Davey also wears the same outfit daily, a black t-shirt and jeans. Owning ten black v-necks and ten pairs of jeans might seem unusual for anyone else. But for Davey, it's a strategic lifestyle decision that frees up extra energy to unleash his boss-ness on higher priority tasks.

He doesn’t think of it that way because it just comes naturally to him. His mind works in mysterious, time-saving, ever-optimizing ways.

Davey is a true entrepreneur who also makes time to entertain a wide variety of interests. Davey led Stanford's cinema club (Flicks), ran his own event and wedding photography business, and was first employee at Gusto, a company he grew from zero to millions of annual recurring dollars. His most recent stint is co-founding Sonix, a voice transcription company. Over the last few years, he's also been a fireworks technician and weekly spin instructor.

Most people need one week to do all the things he does in one day. Davey, of course, would never agree to that because he sees the potential of all people to be stronger, faster, and better versions of themselves tomorrow than they were yesterday.

Above all else, Davey is a giver. He's a class act, always looking to help and add value to everyone he comes across. He cares deeply about the people in his life. I once visited him at Gusto and for every coworker who passed by, Davey uttered a memorized biography of that person's skills, career highlights, and why she's awesome. I've seen him treat his friends and family better than he treats himself, which is a big deal because his wellness game is on point.

I can’t wait for you to meet Davey, my co-host and friend. Let’s experiment!

Meet Crystal

Written by Davey

The first time that I met Crystal, it was a sunny day at Stanford. We met up for coffee at Coupa Cafe right outside of Green Library on campus. I don't remember too much about that conversation except that she smiled a lot. And I'm not that funny. It took me a while, but I finally figured it out, she recognized and would acknowledge most of the people who passed by. She's the type of person who takes her friendships seriously and remembers almost every detail. It's been over 6 years since that moment, and she probably remembers way more about that conversation than I do.

I think that it comes from her childhood.

Crystal grew up in San Francisco and spent most of her childhood dancing -- more specifically practicing ballet. With ballet and the amount of body control that it requires, she probably became way more observant than your average person. She even dreamed of being a professional ballerina until an injury made her focus on schoolwork which led her to Stanford University. How's that for applying yourself?

Don't let her smile fool you, she is pretty competitive. How competitive? Crystal has been competing in beauty pageants all her life. She's won Miss Chinatown, Miss California, and was first runner up to Miss America. Quite the list.

Crystal has a lot of empathy for others which has always led her to roles that advocate for the user. At MailBox, Dropbox, Google, and in her most recent venture, LifeSite -- she strives to make the world better for the people in it.

But here's the thing, she's one of the most humble and down-to-earth people that I know. Crystal will text you random emojis just for the hell of it. She’ll talk about the most tangential topics back-to-back-to-back and the question of, "How did we get here?" immediately comes to mind. Crystal manages her schedule like a hawk and she takes photos of everything she eats.

This is Crystal, my co-host and friend. I hope that you enjoy getting to know her through this podcast.